Leadership Spotlight: Sara Faircloth – Board Liaison, Membership

2019 Leadership Spotlight Series

Sara Faircloth is the Board Liaison to the Membership committee at CREW Detroit and is the Business Development Manager for Allsteel.  New to the industry, Sara joined CREW in 2014 to meet other like-minded and powerful women.  Her advice to others in CRE “If you are looking to elevate your career and want to be surrounded by a group of strong, powerful and successful women, CREW Detroit is the place for you!”.

Under her leadership and direction, the Membership committee is responsible for attracting and recruiting new and diverse members to the organization; planning new member events and continually tracking and updating the membership database. Her engaging personality and determination has resulted in improved membership retention and growth.  Sara is an invaluable part of CREW Detroit’s success.

Why did you join CREW? And how long have you been in CREW?
I joined CREW as I was brand new in the industry and wanted to meet other like-minded women and learn from them. I joined CREW in January 2014.

Why is CREW important to you?
CREW has changed my life tremendously, both personally and professionally. I have met some of my best friends from this organization, ones that I have even traveled with! The relationships professionally have been profound and I have learned an astronomical amount about the CRE industry in a very quick time-frame. I instantly felt connected to everyone and it is such an inviting group of women that all want to help each other grow.

To your company?
My company supports my growth within CREW Detroit and appreciates how much business it has brought to the company.

Why should people within the CRE industry join CREW?
CREW Detroit is the premier business networking organization in Southeast Michigan; you truly never have to make a cold call to someone once you join CREW. You can always find someone withing CREW that can connect you to whomever you are looking to meet. That is  invaluable benefit of this organization. If you are looking to grow your  network, personally and professionally in the CRE industry, there is no better organization.

Can you share a #crewsuccess story? Job Opportunity? Project Opportunity?
I was leading a CREW X|Change group and ended up doing business with a brand new member that was part of  my X|Change team! Amazing success story!

How have you been involved in with CREW? Committees; Board?
After joining in 2014, I was a member of the Golf Committee then joined Membership. I was the Co-Chair, Chair and am now the Board Liaison to Membership for 2019-2021.

What advice would you give a new Member?
If you are looking to elevate your career and want to be surrounded by a group of strong, powerful and successful women, CREW Detroit is the place for you.

Who was your CREW Sponsor?
Kelli Herman


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